Forexus, based in Switzerland, helps companies to solve the technical challenges in finding digital evidence. We focus on the technology and processes to achieve the most defensible, fastest and cost-effective manner possible. Ultimately, we assist our clients in addressing their litigation issues and finding the truth.

Forexus provides following services on the Swiss and international market:

  • eDiscovery (Electronic Discovery)
    Consulting, Managed eDiscovery Services, ESI processing, Hosted Review, Litigation Support Services
  • IT Forensics
    Data Collection, Digital Forensics, Data Recovery, Cyber Security, Information Discovery
  • Data Analytics
    Content/Text Mining, Concept Mapping/Clustering, Sampling, Aggregation

Our main clients are:

  • Law companies
  • Legal & compliance offices
  • IT security offices
  • eDiscovery departments

The key differentiators in the marketplace include:

  • Speed to results
  • Focus on delivery
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Innovation